Greens grow beetroot, supplying washed & sized beet to retail and manufacturing customers across Europe.

The Cambridgeshire black fen soil provides us with the ideal conditions for growing red beet which we can supply all year round thanks to our dedicated storage and grading facility on the Hasse Fen near Soham.

We offer a year round supply, early crops grown under fleece, late crops stored in purpose built high humidity cold storage and handle imported tonnes from Spain, Portugal and Italy

Our beetroot is on the shelves in the majority of supermarkets.

We can supply beetroot direct to customers, in as little as 1kg bags. For enquiries relating to sales, email



At Greens we grow over 2,000 hectares of potatoes from Southern Scotland down to Sussex. We grow all generations of seed potatoes, salad, maincrop and crisping potatoes which predominantly are grown for Walkers.

Spearhead marketing is a supply chain management business that coordinates the supply of our and 40 other growers potatoes into crisping factories.

Greenseed were awarded PepsiCo best performing seed potato supplier for 2016. The award marks Greenseed International’s third win as the best performing supplier across Europe based on quality, service and volume compliance.


Other Crops

We also grow onions alongside contract farming of cereals and sugar beet crops.


Please make contact via the website for more information or to see how we can work with you or provide produce.