Greens grow beetroot, supplying washed & sized beet to retail and manufacturing customers across Europe.

The Cambridgeshire black fen soil provides us with the ideal conditions for growing red beet which we can supply all year round thanks to our dedicated storage and grading facility on the Hasse Fen near Soham.

We offer a year round supply, early crops grown under fleece, late crops stored in purpose built high humidity cold storage and handle imported tonnes from Spain, Portugal and Italy

Our beetroot is on the shelves in the majority of supermarkets.

We can supply beetroot direct to customers, in as little as 1kg bags. For enquiries relating to sales, email



At Greens we grow over 2,000 hectares of potatoes from Southern Scotland down to Sussex. We grow all generations of seed potatoes, salad, maincrop and crisping potatoes which predominantly are grown for Walkers.

Greenseed were awarded PepsiCo best performing seed potato supplier for 2016. The award marks Greenseed International’s third win as the best performing supplier across Europe based on quality, service and volume compliance.

Our business is about growing and supplying potatoes and, working with breeders, we lead the industry in varietal development and crop quality. We have seen rapid growth in recent years in terms of tonnage and market share and have the confidence to continue to increase our business with the leading crisping and chipping processors, as customers choose to move their supply partnerships to Spearhead.

Spearhead Marketing is a supply chain management business that coordinates the supply of our and 40 other growers potatoes into crisping factories.

What sets Spearhead apart from other suppliers is that we understand that each of our increasing number of processor customers has distinct and different requirements. We ask them what they want and manage our supply chain and our production accordingly, supporting their product development initiatives and offering flexible, quick responses and excellent communication in an open, honest and transparent way.

We are developing our expanding network of trusted growers, who all share our values, and in return we support them to maximise their profits and yields and offer long term relationships, technical expertise and peace of mind.


Delivering in excess of 150,000 tonnes of potatoes to our customers per year, we have the knowledge and resource to operate a highly efficient and flexible supply chain that ensures the crop is delivered at its optimum, on time.

From excellence in the post-harvest grading, washing, length sorting and delivery of potatoes, using the latest state-of-the-art machinery, we are trusted to give our customers peace of mind that the produce delivered to them will meet and exceed their expectations.

For growers, every potato that leaves the farm is treated the same way and we are trusted to account for every kilogram that we grade. Transparency is key: we report on delivery performance and our partner growers trust us to make the right decisions, for the right outcome, making the most out of the crop.

Grower Relations

Spearhead Potatoes works in partnership with likeminded processing growers, who all share our values, and with whom we have developed an open and honest relationship for the future. They benefit from our strong technical knowledge to maximise yield and quality, matching soil types with the most appropriate varieties, as well as having the confidence that Spearhead has an outstanding reliance on safety and a strong provenance.

As our business expands, we are looking to increase our network of growers who wish to join us in sharing our success. We welcome new contract growers and are also experienced at purchasing from growers on the spot market.

As large growers ourselves, we can offer peace of mind to our supply partners, ensuring no risk is taken that we wouldn’t take ourselves, because we really understand the operational factors behind each business. Our strength lies in our experience to understand each growers changeable circumstances and barriers.

Through a Spearhead relationship, we deliver the competitive advantage in potato supply that allows growers businesses to expand with assuredness and peace of mind. Why not come and join us – get in touch today.


Our technical service supports our growers and processing customers with elite knowledge and industry leading technical expertise that provides peace of mind to our grower and processor customers through transparent delivery of vendor assured potatoes.

We deliver knowledge and technical support from field selection to crop harvest and throughout storage to the point of unloading. We pride ourselves on our industry leading skills and capabilities, particularly in the areas of variety selection and optimisation of crop quality.

Our technical services include:
  • New variety development
  • Sugar analysis
  • Yield assessments
  • Hotbox bruise analysis
  • Electronic potato and harvest support
  • Intake and raw material QC analysis
  • Solids measurements
  • Fry sampling and defect analysis of crisp and chip specifications
  • Store management advice and support.

Key to the success of our own growing and our growers and processing  customers is the differentiation of the finished product on yield and quality. This optimises profitability for our growers and improves product quality for processors.


We also grow onions alongside contract farming of cereals and sugar beet crops.


Please make contact via the website for more information or to see how we can work with you or provide produce.