William Shakeshaft – Managing Director

Will joined as Crisping Potato Manager in 2001 and then established and managed various Greens of Soham businesses including turf, red beet and other specialist vegetable cropping. Will has been Director of Spearhead Marketing since 2014 and was made Managing Director of the entire UK business in 2019.

Shaun Hancke – UK Chief Finance Officer

Shaun joined the UK team in 2022 to focus on the financial strategy. Shaun brought with him many years of manufacturing and food produce experience.

Greg Colebrook – Director, Greens of Soham

Greg joined as an Assistant Manager of the Spearhead Marketing business in 2013, before taking over as Greens Farming Manger in 2014. Since then Greg has been responsible for the entire beet root business and has now also grown the farming business to be successful providers of red and brown ware onions as well as wheat and barley. Greg was made a Director of Greens Farming in 2018 and then a Director of Greens of Soham in 2021. Greg is also a Sainsbury’s Soil Scholar.

Mike Higson – Director, DC Produce

Mike joined the Company in 1984 as a Management Trainee. He is now The Beetroot Commercial Manager and works with new and existing customers to ensure that quantity and quality are of the highest standards. Mike was made a Director of DC Produce in 2013.

Craig Uttridge – Director, Greenseed and Spearhead Marketing

Craig joined the Greens of Soham team as Supply Chain Manager in 2014. Craig manages the entire Spearhead operation of washing and grading as well as key customer accounts and relationships and also works with new and existing growers and supports the Greens technical team. Craig is now working with the Greenseed International team becoming a Director of both Greenseed and Spearhead Marketing in 2021.

Darren Mackie – Director, Greenseed and Spearhead Marketing

Darren joined the Company in 1999 and became Head of Technical for the potato business in 2018. Until recently this was focusing purely on Spearhead Marketing, but this has recently evolved to Darren now supporting the rest of the Greens businesses. Darren works closely with managers to ensure that disease is monitored and is also keen on developing new varieties where possible. Darren became a Director of both Greenseed and Spearhead Marketing in 2021.

James Planton – Operational Finance Director, UK

James joined the business in 2014 as Financial Controller and in 2020 took over as Finance Director with a move then to focus on Operational Finance in 2022. James manages the operational finance as well as working closely with the Central Spearhead team to ensure deadlines and requirements are met. James is a fully qualified Accountant and has used his skills and experience to progress his team members to also be on their way to becoming qualified.


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