Red beet

The Cambridgeshire black fen soil provides us with the ideal conditions for growing Red beet which we can supply all year round thanks to our dedicated storage and grading facility on the Hasse Fen near Soham.

We offer a year round supply, early crops grown under fleece, late crops stored in purpose built high humidity cold storage and handle imported tonnes from Spain, Portugal and Italy

Our Beetroot is on the shelves in the majority of supermarkets


We grow ware reds, browns for G’s Ramsey  and pickles for the packing/ peeling market at Mettleham. We grade and store these in Soham where we have our own dedicated onion grading line,

We are the only UK grower of first year onion sets and specialist first year set hotbox storage. Supplying the majority of UK growers with sets. Over 50% of all onions UK grown from sets come from us.